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              National Bureau of Statistics of China2007-01-04 13:57

              1. The copyright of all contents of this network belongs to the web site of the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China unless as other indicated.

              2. Contents of this network are welcome to be reprinted or quoted, but the following contents are excluded:

                A. Other links of this network;
              B. Contents that have been declared not to be reprinted or not to be reprinted without permission;
              C. Contents without signature of current network or works of others quoted or reprinted by our network;
              D. Particular figures, signs, page styles, page layouts and programs of this network;
              E. Contents of this network that can be known only with special authorization or with the qualification as a registered subscriber;
                F. Other contents that are forbidden by law or regarded to be not proper for being reprinted by our network.

              3. The contents of this network can but be used as free information through reprint or quotation reasonably and in good will, such as news or data, and the original intention is not allowed to be distorted or modified.

              4. The contents of this network are not allowed to be used for following activities through reprint or quotation:

                A. Damaging the interests of this network and other people;
              B. Any offence against the law;
              C. Any behavior that may damage public orders and customs;
                D. Making bold to agree others to reprint or quote contents of this network;

              5. For the reprint or quotation of any content of this network, "Quoted from the web site of the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China" or "China Statistical Information Network" must be clearly indicated, and the website, namely www.biodegradable-products.cn, should be made clear.

              6. Please pay the author royalty as required for reprint or quotation of any signed article in this network.

              7. For improper reprint or quotation of contest of this network, which results in civil disputes, administrative affairs or other losses, our network shall assume no responsibility.

              8. Our network is entitled to tracking out the legal obligations of those who fail to observe this declaration and those who violate the law and use the contents of this network for malicious objectives.


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